How Can a Therapist Help You Return From Post COVID-19 Anxiety?

  • People have lost their jobs, does more need to be said? Many are relying on the government for financial aid and what happens when that aid runs out? I do not aim to increase your anxiety but those are the facts. We run on finite money and resources so we need to be more cautious as to how money is spent in our daily lives. It is estimated that many will cut back on extra-curricular activities and this will leave people more stressed. Not a thought I want but sadly will, occur. Which goes back to the previous comment, encouraging spending when pockets are shallow will not do much for the economy. I wonder what finance minister ‘Rishi Sunak’ was thinking here? Surely other measures need to be taken in to account here too: VAT, taxes, public transport fees etc.
  • Anxiety therefore is most likely to occur. By anxiety, I mean fear and worry; the hallmarks of anxiety. The fear will be regarding employment and finances and the worry will be about the same thing but only about the future i.e. will I able to pay the bills on time? What will happen to the mortgage suspensions after they resume? Will the government change their policies regarding frozen monthly payments? One way I suggest might help with curbing anxiety is to write down with a pen and paper some or all of your worries. Sometimes writing down can help us problem solve better and create possible solutions. Writing also acts as a form of expression i.e. expressing your emotions and thoughts rather than completely holding them inside you.
  • One more thing would be to create short-term goals to plan and look forward to achieving. Right now, it’s not about long term goals as there is too much uncertainty in the world right now, but short term goals are feasible e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks etc. This will help you to manage your life better and you can make constant and consistent refinements over a shorter period of time. Planning ultimately reduces anxiety, especially if you’re an anxious person as it gives you some comfort of ‘certainty’ of the future.




Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist, Blogger, Writer

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Aamir Hafiz

Aamir Hafiz

Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist, Blogger, Writer

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