Therapy — What’s the Point?

Why do people attend counselling?

Therapy can have profound effects on people. Sometimes it can resolve marital conflicts, while other times it can solve grief or trauma. The fact is, therapy is helpful in its entirety. There can be a long discussion on how effective therapy really is and what modality is best. The purpose of this post is to highlight why therapy is relevant. Let’s face it, we all have worries for many things and a better future, that’s human life. There comes times though that make our lives difficult and we have no real way of resolving those issues.

In the 21st century, less and less people communicate face-to-face as social media and internet communication overall has shaped the way we connect with each other. That can be seen as pro rather than a con however sometimes physical interaction is essential as it helps establish meaningful connections. Coming back to life’s problems, sometimes rather than internet communication to ‘feel good’, we forget that physical interaction is very powerful. Social media began to emerge during the early 00’s, before that , very few people had a desktop computer and even fewer a mobile phone. So what did we do? We talked more…physically. A long or short gossip, a cry, a realisation, it all happened, I still remember those times too. What happened when many spoke of being ‘down’ or ‘low’? We were reassured by loved ones everything would be ok and that they (usually) had our back.

This has changed to some extent as the empathy and support has channeled via social media and rather than the many kisses and hugs people would receive physically, we tend to send ‘heart and kisses emojis’ to provide our sentiment. While there’s nothing wrong with that, some people need deeper connections with others. This is where therapists/psychologists come in to play who have made it their passion to help people. There is human exchange, a connection with a real person, a step away from the boundaries of texting behind a screen.

Pop a pill/tablet and you’ll be fine some say. If such chemical alterations within the brain helped us, then what about the external world? That hasn’t changed and sometimes it’s that world which causes the tension in the first place, not the brain’s chemistry. Many people will explore various options i.e. self help, recreational drugs etc but therapy still has a place and with rising mental health problems such as anxiety and depression in the U.K. and across the world, therapy needs a wider audience and acceptance that it’s ok to talk to someone about your problems, it’s ok to not know it all and it’s ok no matter who you are, to spread your hand when you ask: Therapy, what’s the point?




Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist, Blogger, Writer

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Aamir Hafiz

Aamir Hafiz

Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist, Blogger, Writer

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